This Site Won’t Use Analytics for One Year

As a way to motivate myself – I won’t be adding any analytics or external third-party tools to this blog for an entire year. This post explains some of my reasoning and what to expect.
This Site Won’t Use Analytics for One Year
Artist: Parham Marandi

And, perhaps even longer. As long as I don’t forget about writing this post, I will be enabling analytics once this blog is roughly one years old. So, the question is, why and where does my inspiration come from?

For one, there isn’t much going on with this blog at the moment. I have had it up for almost a year already at the time of writing this, and miraculously – this is my first blog post to go live. As such, there really isn’t all that much to “analyze” or understand about my audience, simply because there is none.

Also, not having this blog make any kind of external connections to third-party websites is nice. I think it benefits my long-term page speed performance, and to top it off, it helps me to avoid using cookie notice scripts. The social sharing plugin I’m using is based on raw links, so I have no need to worry about that, either.

Giving it some more thought

I’m a firm believer that user experience should always come first. Even when working on fairly popular blogs throughout the years, advertisements and newsletter popups was always the last thing I added. And, hopefully, this site serves as a blueprint for what I believe is necessary for a functional blog.

If making financial returns from your blogging efforts is your primary goal, then sure, you should absolutely think of ways to make that work for you. But, in my experience, readers are very quick to identify blogs that take it a few steps too far.

Community was always an aspect of blogging, but search engines have rendered it almost pointless in this day and age. Most blogs I visit these days either don’t have any comments at all, or the comment section is removed entirely.

This hurts everyone, because it enables “content farms” where the average time a reader spends on site is anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds. Just enough time to find the information they need and get out. And, if that happens to become the fate of this blog, then at least I made those few seconds pleasant to browse opposed to cramming 75% of screen space with advertisement junk.

My plan for the next year

I can’t say for sure what I will be writing about on this blog for the following year. I think, in this post alone there are dozens of ideas I could cover from a broader perspective. So, ideally, that is where I am going to start.

Also, I would like to cover topics like freelance writing, solo travel, and discipline through self-development practices. Most importantly, I’m going to try and focus on this with as neutral of an approach as possible.

I’ve dealt with writers burnout in the past, and it’s not a pleasant place to find yourself in. Besides, writing fewer posts every month might help me to provide better quality overall. And, if I have learned anything over the last decade – my analytics should look fairly good once I add them a year later.

Let’s see what the future has in store.

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