Hi, and welcome! I’m Alex.

I love to write (10+ years), travel (12+ countries), and I’m passionate about self-development. I have a simple philosophy that I follow: believe in your experience, and not the fairy tales trying to take you there.

My writing has been featured in editorials such as Entrepreneur, TheNextWeb, and Huffington Post. I’m also fortunate to have worked with many well-respected publishers in and around WordPress, Web Design, and Digital Marketing.

I’m going to use this website to share my stories, post updates about upcoming projects, and to experiment with any new passions that might arise. I would love for you to follow me on social media, to subscribe to my newsletter, or to read a story or two that I have shared on the blog. Thank you!

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Blogs & articles

If you love to travel, like some quiet time with meditation or you enjoy doing entrepreneurial things online, then make sure to check out my recent articles. From time to time, guest authors might be invited to contribute as well.